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The top stock ideas from Future Generation fundies

Value investing had its revenge on Tuesday when top fund managers pitched their best stock ideas...
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Keep updated with news from our fund managers and informed on the latest in innovative philanthropic investment – in Australia and internationally.


Charity begins at work for Future Generation Global Investment Company director Belinda Hutchinson

It isn't often you get an ASX board member openly boasting about their decision to exercise options ...
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Australia-first early intervention program for young people with eating disorders

For three years Siena Armati's life was a revolving door of emergency departments, feeding tubes, ...
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FGX fund manager in focus: Eley Griffiths Group

To read the full Q & A from Ben Griffiths, Director from Eley Griffiths Group click here.
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FGG fund manager in focus: Morphic Asset Management

To read the full Q & A from John Lowenstein, Co-Founder and Managing Director from Morphic Asset...
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FGX charity in focus: Variety

Variety is dedicated to assisting Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged and living with ...
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FGG charity in focus: SANE

SANE Australia is a national mental health charity ...

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A Unique Funding Model: Future Generation Global Company

The impact investor supports chronically underfunded charities and aims to be the second biggest ...
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Investor conference call recording and slides

View the slides here:
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