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Australia’s mental health crisis: private funders are not answering the call.

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Latest share prices

  • FGX $1.3
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February pre-tax net tangible assets

  • FGX $1.23
  • FGG $1.51

The Future Generation companies provide:

Shareholders with exposure to the best Australian and global fund managers without paying management or performance fees. When you purchase shares in FGX or FGG, you receive exposure to the best boutique fund managers at no cost. The companies also seek to deliver a stream of fully franked dividends and capital growth.

Charities with a stream of annual donations. Future Generation Australia focuses on charities that support children and youth at risk and Future Generation Global focuses on charities that support youth mental health. 1.0% of assets are invested in charities each year. This investment is less than the savings generated from foregone management, performance, service provider, Board and investment committee fees.

Fund managers with a unique opportunity to make a positive difference to Australia’s future generations.

Australian fund managers, supporting children and youth at risk.


Listed in September 2014

Future Generation Australia gives investors the opportunity to gain unprecedented access to a group of prominent Australian fund managers in a single investment vehicle while supporting Australian charities focused on children and youth at risk.


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Pre-tax net tangible assets
Fully franked full year dividend
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Global fund managers, supporting children and youth mental health.


Listed in September 2015

Future Generation Global is Australia’s first internationally focused listed investment company with the dual objectives of providing shareholders with diversified exposure to selected global fund managers and changing the lives of young Australians affected by mental illness.


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Fully franked full year dividend
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