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RSVP to our May 2017 Investment Forum

To RSVP to our inaugural Investor Forum, click here.  
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Keep updated with news from our fund managers and informed on the latest in innovative philanthropic investment – in Australia and internationally.


The top stock ideas from Future Generation fundies

Value investing had its revenge on Tuesday when top fund managers pitched their best stock ideas...
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Speed dating for fund managers

For anyone who thought it was only the short sellers that have all the bright ideas about how to...
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May 2017 Shareholder Presentation slides

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May 2017 Shareholder Presentations

To RSVP to our May 2017 Shareholder Presentations, click here.  
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Investors slow to notice value stocks in recovering Europe

Jacob Mitchell thinks a burgeoning economic recovery in Europe is ...

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Philanthropy 50: biggest private givers in 2016

The imposing offices of the Bill and Melinda Gates...

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Cooper Investors sizes up global equity rivals

Fund manager Cooper Investors has unveiled the next phase of the firm's growth strategy after ...
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