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“We are pleased that the unique model of Future Generation allows us to continue supporting not-for-profit organisations during a challenging time for the Australian economy. This enables them to focus on supporting young Australians who need their help now more than ever.”

— Caroline Gurney, CEO

Each year, Future Generation Australia (ASX: FGX) and Future Generation Global (ASX: FGG) shareholders have the opportunity to vote and allocate their portion of our annual social investment to our social impact partners. The social investment is equal to 1.0% of the average net tangible asset of each company.

Shareholders can select one or more of Future Generation’s social impact partners to allocate their portion of the social investment to. Whether supporting Australian children and youth at risk (FGX) or youth mental health and wellbeing (FGG), Future Generation shareholders are positively impacting the lives of millions of young Australians.

With your support, we have donated more than $75 million in only eight years – and we are just getting started!

To make our donations, we work with Percent, a specialist charitable giving platform. Click the below logo to find out more.

Click the maps below to find out more about our social impact partners.

Future Generation Australia (ASX: FGX)

Future Generation Global (ASX: FGG)

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How to invest with us.

Shares in our LICs are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

To become a shareholder, simply buy shares through a stockbroker, financial adviser, wrap or platform.

For more information, please call us on +61 29247 9202 or email info@futuregeninvest.com.au