Future Generation’s podcast series 2Fold: Investing for impact explores the world of investing, philanthropy, mental health, and supporting children and youth at risk, with generous Australians who are leading the way. To listen, click on the title of each episode.

We have launched a new podcast series by Future Generation, Take Stock. In this series, we get a backstage pass into the minds of our leading pro bono fund managers and Investment Committee members – and work out how (and why) they make the stock choices they do.







Take Stock – Nikki Thomas

In this episode of Take Stock Caroline Gurney, CEO of Future Generation, speaks to Nikki Thomas, Portfolio Manager for Magellan Financial Group’s Global Fund. With more than 20 years’ experience in markets, Nikki is recongised for her work in brining global equities to Australia and prides herself on investing in the world’s best global stocks. Nikki shares insights on trends from the recent US reporting season, her market outlook, and optimism about the US market.


Getting kids back on track with Bernie Shakeshaft

After seeing the plight of disadvantaged youth in his community, Bernie Shakeshaft decided to take action. Starting in 2006 with a shed and an idea, Bernie founded the BackTrack Youth Works Program, in an effort to turn around the lives of kids struggling to stay in school, stay out of trouble and falling through the cracks. Using the skills he developed growing up and as a jackaroo in the Northern Territory learning from the Aboriginal trackers, Bernie has developed an award-winning program that involves animal-assisted learning, agricultural skills and a residential facility. In this episode, Bernie shares the unique story behind BackTrack, the organisation’s plans to expand across the country and how we can keep at-risk kids alive, out of jail and chasing their hopes and dreams.



From crisis to care with Jane Rowe 

Jane Rowe OAM dedicates her life to helping the children left behind in the wake of substance abuse. Following a privileged British upbringing and personal addiction challenges, Jane worked as a drug and alcohol counsellor in Australia where she witnessed firsthand the devastating effects that substance abuse has on families. Inspired to make a positive change and to stop the cycle of addiction, she founded the Mirabel Foundation. 25 years on, Mirabel has become a beacon of support for Victorian and New South Wales communities, providing vital assistance and supporting thousands of vulnerable children and their carers. In this episode, Jane candidly shares her story, Mirabel’s mission and how we can unite to bring about positive change.



Take Stock – Nick Markiewicz

In the second episode of Take Stock, Caroline Gurney, CEO of Future Generation, speaks to Nick Markiewicz, Portfolio Manager at Lanyon. Nick discusses his investment process and how it has evolved over his career, how Lanyon selects companies to invest in and the investment case for Universal Music Group.



Take Stock – John Coombe
In our first episode of Take Stock, Caroline Gurney, CEO of Future Generation, speaks to John Coombe. John is the Executive Director of Jana Investment Advisers. He advises some of Australia’s biggest super funds and he is an expert in the field. John is on the Investment Committee for both Future Generation Australia (ASX: FGX) and Future Generation Global (ASX: FGG), and is one of the best people to update you on what’s happening both in the portfolios and in the markets in which we operate.



Don Spencer on the Power of Music

You might recognise Don Spencer his three decades on Play School. That’s how most Australians know him. But there’s so much more to Don than bears and chairs. He is, as we discovered, one of those people with “stories to tell”. He’s toured with the Rolling Stones, flirted with Marianne Faithfull, played hockey with the national Kenyan team, learnt guitar from Roger Whittaker, and had Russell Crowe as a son-in-law. But it’s Don’s work behind the scenes that will ultimately ensure his legacy. For more than 20 years, Don’s been providing free music lessons to Australia’s most disadvantaged kids – through the Australian Children’s Music Foundation, which he founded – and Future Generation Australia supports. So far, the organisation has delivered almost 270,000 free music lessons.


Listen to Michael Chaney

Michael Chaney raises his Voice

Michael Chaney is one of the country’s most successful business leaders and an advocate for the Voice to Parliament. For the past 3 decades, Michael has dominated corporate Australia. As CEO of Wesfarmers, he grew the company’s value from $1 billion to $10 billion and he’s also chaired some of Australia’s top tier companies – such as National Australia Bank, Woodside Petroleum and, of course, Wesfarmers. More recently, however, Michael has turned his sights to other projects. In this episode, he shares his thoughts on The Voice, the state of politics in Australia, mining, feminism and the environment.



Listen to Wim Hof

Breaking the ice with Wim Hof

This special episode features Wim Hof, a Dutch adventurer, extreme athlete and motivational speaker. Wim is known as the Iceman for his ability to withstand freezing temperatures and holds more than 20 Guinness World Records. He has climbed Kilimanjaro wearing only a pair of shorts. He has run a half marathon above the Arctic Circle barefooted and is affectionately called the Godfather of Cold. He is famous for his Wim Hof Method, a combination of frequent cold exposure, breathing techniques, and meditation. According to Wim this method can help people achieve remarkable feats and it can improve your overall wellbeing, both physical and mental.

Wendy McCarthy on Why Politeness Doesn’t Pay

Wendy McCarthy is one of Australia’s most influential women. For more than 50 years Wendy’s been at the forefront of feminism, corporate and public life in Australia. Her trailblazing advocacy has truly shaped this country. In 1972 she famously risked prosecution by taking out a full page ad announcing she’d had an illegal abortion. But Wendy is not just an incredible change maker. She’s an educator, author, mother, business owner, board member, university chancellor, the Deputy Chair of the ABC and a wonderful mentor to countless other women.



Blazing a Traill: the convergence of profit and purpose 

Michael Traill is an absolute legend in Australia’s not-for-profit circles, but that is not how he started out. Like many other Harvard grads, Michael went into investment banking. He spent 14 years at Macquarie Bank, where he successfully co-founded the bank’s private equity division. In 2002 at the peak of his career, Michael jumped ship to the not-for-profit sector. His idea was to bring corporate rigour to the charitable world. He was founding CEO of Social Ventures Australia, and he took a revolutionary approach with bridging the gap between privilege and property. These days, Michael Chair’s the Paul Ramsay Foundation and the Federal Government social impact investing taskforce among his many other roles.


Tim Minchin on the Art of Giving

Tim Minchin AO, multi-award-winning musician, actor, writer and comedian speaks to Future Generation CEO, Caroline Gurney about the growing mental health crisis, woke culture, the importance of modelling behaviours for your children, and how and why giving needs to be built into capitalism.



Taming the Black Dog

Prof. Samuel Harvey is a leading academic psychiatrist with international standing in clinical and population mental health research. Sam initially trained and worked as a GP, before pursuing his passion for mental health and training as a psychiatrist at the internationally renowned Maudsley Hospital and Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience in London. Sam is currently the Executive Director and Chief Scientist at Black Dog Institute.


Still keeping them honest

Natasha Stott Despoja AO is the youngest woman to ever enter Parliament, a former member of the Australian Democrats and currently sits on the United Nations Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). She has also founded not-for-profit organisation Our Watch, written a book and served on a number of charity Boards. Natasha has also been named as one of the top global influencers on gender policy.



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