In this video from the Future Generation Investment Forum, Geoff Wilson AO from Wilson Asset Management, David Paradice from Paradice Investment Management, and Graham Hay from Antipodes Partners share their views on the market. The session was ‘no holds barred’, as Wilson was questioned if there was any price at which AMP becomes a buy.

“The problem with AMP is, I’ve been doing some work with AMP and talking to the other guys in our office; is there a price? Yesterday I was sitting down with some financial planners, one of them used to work in an AMP financial planning office, and he said look, this is just the tip, it is rotten the whole way through… I just don’t know what price it’s a buy at, there might not be a price.” – Geoff Wilson AO

Watch the full video below to hear them discuss:

  • The Banking Royal Commission
  • AMP’s continuous disappointment of investors
  • What makes a great fund manager
  • The advantage of investing with boutique fund managers
  • Each of the panellists shares a stock idea from their portfolios.

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