About us

Eley Griffiths Group (EGG) was founded in 2003 by Ben Griffiths and Brian Eley. We are a specialist investment management company focused on mispricing opportunities among the Australian listed small and emerging companies. Our investment process and team have delivered consistent outperformance through all market cycles since inception.

Our investment style

EGG is committed to building portfolios that exceed our investors’ expectations. Our style is centred on the insights and actions of an experienced investment team that has been in place for over 19 years. The process combines both quantitative and qualitative assessments of a given company, as well as a dissection of the industry in which the company is operating. We then score and rank these stocks and assemble a portfolio subject to certain risk parameters.

Our market outlook

We see stock valuations as a defendable measure considering the equity versus bonds risk, prevailing levels of inflation and the historical yardsticks. Based on the recent stock valuations, we are experiencing some constructive features within the Australian equity market. Investor scepticism is currently running at ‘healthily’ high levels, several of our major indices or sub-indices are at historic highs and the retail investor appears to be awakening from a deep slumber. Despite these attractive factors, we will continue to monitor the current pockets of investor exuberance, especially in technology stocks. For the foreseeable future, the global central bank management of cash rates will also continue to underwrite the hunt for modest high-yielding financial assets such as equities and we will also be keeping a close watch on their actions.

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